TCU going undefeated into the Big 12 Championship game is something nobody saw coming. Could TCU be hypnotizing their opponents?

This Saturday a big game is taking place at AT&T Stadium, Kansas State versus TCU. This game is not only for the Big 12, if TCU wins they're automatically going into the college football playoff. Which is exciting for fans of the Horned Frogs. So how is TCU staying undefeated. Some say, it is thanks to one guy. The Hypnotoad.

In the third season of the show 'Futurama' we were introduced to the Hypnotoad. One of the simplest characters in television history to understand. He is a toad who hypnotizes you into doing things that he wants. Whether it's winning a contest or making you not change the TV channel.

Since the start of this season, the TCU Horned Frogs have had a hype Hypnotoad entrance. You can watch it above. They have not lost a game since it has been played. Now TCU is technically the home team at AT&T Stadium on Saturday. Does Hypnotoad make an appearance on that massive video board? We will wait and see.

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So far, Hypnotoad is 12-0 on the season, technically 6-0 since he is only played at home games, but he is there in spirit. Fun fact, TCU's mascot the 'Horned Frog', is technically a lizard. So not really close to being a toad or frog in relation to their hypnotized counterpart.


Whatever, it's working and keep it up TCU. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

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