Oh, the internet. There are days when I hate it, then there are days when I love it. I especially love it when people on the internet create hilarious memes! 

This time, the meme creators have targeted Spirit Halloween and their outrageous costumes, however, these meme creators are making their own hilarious and outrageous Halloween costumes and making others believe that they are actually sold at Spirit Halloween stores.

I first noticed this trend when I saw a costume for a “Hispanic middle-aged hipster man.”

El Pasoans were laughing over this costume because let's be honest… it was a pretty accurate portrayal of a local Hispanic middle-aged hipster man.

The “costume” came with a Smith’s Vinyl record and some Van shoes. The man on the packaging is seen wearing shorts and a black t-shirt.

The meme was shared all across social media with many men saying, “I feel attacked. Well, middle-aged Hispanic hipster men weren’t the only ones who felt attacked.

Apparently, Spirit Halloween isn’t too thrilled about this new trend. Why? Because a few gullible people actually believe that some of these fake costumes are real.

Some of these fake meme costumes can be considered offensive to many so Spirit Halloween officials have been on their toes replying to tweets and messages that are calling out the Halloween store for what they think are offensive costumes.

A Twitter user believed that a phony and offensive costume they’d seen online was real and demanded an explanation from Spirit Halloween officials.

“Seriously, Spirit Halloween?” wrote the Twitter user to which Spirit Halloween replied, “This is not an officially licensed costume from our company. Photoshopping our packages seems to be trending at the moment.”

I get it, some people can be gullible. Myself included, but I also know that I can’t believe everything I see on the internet!

I decided to jump on the trend and create a Halloween costume for Mike and myself.

Professional Talker: AKA Iris

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

My costume pack comes complete with headphones, a Mija, Yes you can t-shirt, and anxiety meds because it’s no secret that I am a woman with anxiety! I also love wine so that’s included along with Spanx because I also love food, pick-up lines, and finally NO DAYS OFF because I’m a workaholic apparently.

El Paso Radio Icon: AKA Mike

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

It’s no secret that Mike is an El Paso radio icon! He’s been in the business for over 2 decades. (He paid me to write that.) Mike’s costume pack comes with headphones as well, reading glasses that are currently broken right now, a graphic t-shirt with a random band on it, and an oversized #1 Dad coffee mug because caffeine is needed to survive mornings!

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