Southwest Airlines is cancelling the direct flights from Midland to Las Vegas! Yes, you read that correctly! Southwest is cancelling the daily direct flights from Midland to Las Vegas, but only through the month of May.

According the the Midland Reporter Telegram: Southwest Airlines informed the City of Midland of the changes. Justine Ruff, Airports Director, informed the MRT that this cut is part of a larger scale of cuts made to Southwest flights over the next few months.

Hundreds Of Southwest Airlines Flights Canceled Since Last Week As Airline Deals With "Operational Emergency"
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According the Dallas Morning News Southwest will be cutting 500 fights through May 2nd. During the time frame of May 3rd through the 16th 250 flights will be cut and 100 flights three days a week will be cut May 17th-June 6th.

I really hope this is not a permanent thing because I myself love being able to hop on a non-stop flight to Vegas and I know many of you do as well.

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