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The speed limit on Loop 338 in Odessa is 65. On State Highway 191 it's 75, whether you're in Odessa or Midland. Yet Loop 250 in Midland is the slowest at 60. We all know that no one goes the speed limit on Loop 250 (well, I shouldn't say "no one"--there are those occasional cars and trucks in the left passing lane going 60 or under and driving the rest of us crazy)... For the most part, we all do close to 70 unless we see the Po-Po on the side of the road with the radar out. I know the last time any speed limit changes were considered by the Midland City Council was back in 2019 for some roadways away from Loop 250. Perhaps it's time to bring this up and see what happens.

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I know there are specific criteria that are looked at when making these types of decisions and that usually, a study of some sort precipitates any kind of a formal presentation and vote... Things considered are traffic volume, number of access points/ramps, number of lanes, and the overall design of the roadway. But it seems to this author that Loop 250, as far as I can tell, isn't extremely different from a construction standpoint than 191 is--sans the few turns you go thru and a few extra exits. Something to think about, since everyone tends to go faster there anyway when there's no one watching over it.


Would love to hear YOUR thoughts on this. Would you be FOR or AGAINST a speed limit raise on Loop 250? Comment below and sound off!

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