With fall comes our usual temperatures that range between 30 overnight and 83 during the day. And tonight is one of those nights that will dip to the freezing mark. We are under a Freeze Warning from 3 am till 9 am Friday. So remember to bring your outdoor plants and flower pots inside, don't leave the pets outdoors (if YOU'RE cold outside--THEY'RE cold outside!), and leave outdoor plumbing at a drip so pipes don't burst. Indoor plumbing is safe for the moment as temps would have to be lower to affect it. Wind chills will also be a factor and are expected to fall into the mid 20's overnight. If you have an above-ground sprinkler system be sure to drain it and turn it off so the pipes don't freeze.

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For outdoor in-ground plants and shrubs, use a layer of mulch around them to help insulate them from the cold. For rose bushes-they say the best thing to do is wait til after the first hard freeze of the year when leaves have fallen off to begin to prepare them for the winter season. Covering them in mulch and soil so that the base of the plant looks like it's surrounded by a hill of mulch is step 1. Step 2 cover them with burlap so they stay frozen all winter and don't go thru a cycle of thawing and then freezing again, which is much more harmful to them. I even considered getting a few of those 10-gallon buckets from a home improvement store and placing them over the top of each rose bush, but I don't think they'd be big enough to cover them. Stay warm out there--this is a short-lived little cold snap and then we're back to warmer temperatures.

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