Please stay weather aware today, we could see high winds, large to giant hail, lightening, and heavy rain fall.  According to Meteorologist from NewWest9 we could see these storm develop between 2 and 6 and after 7pm

National weather service

Newest SPC Day 1 Outlook maintains a very impactful day across the Permian Basin and adjacent areas. A MODERATE and HIGH risk is in place for the Northeast Permian Basin. Expect very large hail, as well as strong straight line winds and possible strong tornadoes.


Do YOU know the difference between SPC Risk Categories? The 🔴MODERATE and HIGH RISKS🔴 in effect today for portions of the area are VERY rare. In the last 10 years, this is the only High Risk day we've had in our area of responsibility. It is also our first Moderate Risk since May 18, 2010. This High Risk is also the first high risk the Storm Prediction Center has issued since May 18, 2017.

WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how important it is to stay on top of the weather today.

⚡️Have a plan to seek shelter, no matter where you are
⚡️Have multiple ways to receive warnings, including ways that can wake you up at night!
⚡️ KNOW YOUR LOCATION! Know your city, your county, the counties around you, and what NWS office issues warnings for you!
⚡️Take Watches and Warnings seriously!

And, for updates later today, follow along on our Twitter feed where we will be posting frequent updates!


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