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It's official! Scooter's Coffee in Midland is now open at 702 W Wadley.  Let me tell you, this is more than just a coffee shop! They have tons of options to choose from and their drive-through moves really fast.

Today is their grand opening and if you download the Scooter's Coffee App and order through the app you can buy one and get one free. Also for the rest of the month of October, you can purchase a Courage Cookie,  a sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting with pink sprinkles, 20% of sales go to the Pink Agenda.

Also this month you can enjoy a Frankenscoot which is raspberry and bold blue raspberry flavors that bring this limited-time SCOOOT! Energy Infusion to life! SCOOT is their energy drink and it comes in several different flavors. Their fall flavors are available as well like pumpkin spice and pumpkin carmelicious.

Two things that are extra great about their menu is they offer kids drinks and they have a $1 menu. You kids can enjoy a Berry Silly Slush, Cotton Candy Lil' Smiley Smoothie, Strawberry Lil' Smiley Smoothie, Lemonberry-ade, and Chocolicious Milk.

Their Dollar Delight menu offers bottled water, mini donuts, and regular brewed black coffee.

Most of their regular flavor come in hot, cold, or blended. You can enjoy flavors like mocha, white mocha, turtle, carmelicious, and candy bars. You can enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate and Americano.

Their breakfast menu is awesome as well. I had the everything bagel and it was everything. Two thumbs up! They also have a waffle sandwich, a biscuit sandwich, and breakfast burritos.

Definitely give Scooter's Coffee in Midland a try!


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