The much anticipated 2024 schedule has been released. We got a little glimpse when Fox announced that their newest announcer, Tomy Brady, would call his first game on Sunday, September 8th, and it would be between the Dallas Cowboys at the Cleveland Browns.

Yesterday the NFL released the full schedule. The NFL will kick off the 2024 season on Thursday, September 5th with Ravens taking on the Chiefs for Thursday night football. This game will air on NBC.  New to the schedule this year will be a Friday game between the Eagles and the Packers this game will only be aired on PEACOCK, NBC's app.

Let's get to the Dallas Cowboys directly! As I previously stated, the Cowboys will open the season with a road game in Cleveland. To announce the rest of the season's lineup Jerry and Dak got a little help from a few friends to announce the entire season lineup. Who better to join Dak and Jerry than Post Malone, Kelly Clarkson, Micheal Irvin, Jake Paul,  and they also called in a few people from the opposing teams.

Check out the Tiktok :

Here is the full schedule:

Week 1: Sept. 8 at Cleveland

Week 2: Sept. 15 vs. New Orleans

Week 3: Sept. 22 vs. Baltimore

Week 4: Sept. 26 at NY Giants (Prime)

Week 5: Oct. 6 at Pittsburgh (NBC)

Week 6: Oct. 13 vs. Detroit

Week 7: Oct. 20 BYE

Week 8: Oct. 27 at San Francisco (NBC)

Week 9: Nov. 3 at Atlanta

Week 10: Nov. 10 vs. Philadelphia

Week 11: Nov. 18 vs. Houston (ESPN)

Week 12: Nov. 24 at Washington

Week 13: Nov. 28 vs. NY Giants

Week 14: Dec. 9 vs. Cincinnati (ESPN)

Week 15: Dec. 15 at Carolina

Week 16: Dec. 22 vs. Tampa Bay (NBC)

Week 17: Dec. 29 at Philadelphia

Week 18: Jan 4 or 5 vs. Washington

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Patrick Mahomes: From East Texas To NFL Stardom


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