This lady is 100% braver than me.

If there's one thing about me, I am TERRIFIED of snakes. Ladies if you need me to take care of a spider or a rat in the house. I got you. However, if a snake ever sneaks in, this is not my problem. I'm still freaked out that we never found that cobra over in Dallas from a few years ago. It's probably getting bigger and stronger just waiting to kill me one day.

Literally My Snake Nightmare

About once a year, our fine friends over in Australia share a video of a snake attacking drivers WHILE they're driving. Now this is Australia, where I feel like you should have a knife in your hands at all times because every animal is trying to kill you over there. This could never happen here right?

Snake Under Car Hood in Texas

NO! I have to now be worried that snakes are crawling around under my hood! Well that's what Nicole Graham over in Burton, Texas had to deal with last week. Looks like the fairly large rat snake climbed under the hood of her car. She claims that the snake was not in hurt in the process, but f*** that I am whipping that thing around if I got my hands on it.


Snake Nightmares Intensify for Me Now

So we have had snakes coming out of toilets here in Texas, people are importing cobras into Texas and now snakes are chilling under car hoods in Texas. I hate it here!

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