One of the things I was surprised to discover when I moved here was that after signing up with the city for water, sewer, and trash and our can was delivered--there was only one can. I'm used to there always being two cans. One for trash, and a blue one for recycling. Paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, etc that is separate from the trash receptacle. When you are throwing things away in your kitchen you have two garbage cans. One for each-trash and recyclables. So it's been a slight adjustment coming to an area where you don't separate them for pickup in front of your house.

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Back home in Illinois, we had two sets of trucks that would come down the street; one that picked up your trash, and one that picked up recyclables. They did this because the idea was to eliminate expecting people to make trips on their own to the recycle stations/places in town with their bags of items to be recycled. With people's time as much in demand as it is these days, they wanted to make it easier and encourage people to recycle by picking it up like they do the trash. People are much more likely to do so if all they have to do is throw it in a separate can and put it out with the trash the same day.

Recycling Truck

And Illinois isn't the only state doing this. It was like this when I lived in both Florida and Arizona as well. Something for the cities here in West Texas to consider adding to cut down on waste on roadsides and make it easier to recycle for the residents here as well. Comment below and tell us what you think of the idea. Are you more likely to load a separate can and put out recyclables to be picked up, or do you not mind making trips to the recycle stations in town? Or do you just not bother at all and throw everything in the trash?

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