It's the second biggest drinking holiday in West Texas behind Cinco De Mayo. Of course, we're talking about St. Patrick's Day! Where EVERYONE is an honorary Irishman or Lady for a day! There are many traditions surrounding this holiday and a few myths ABOUT traditions surrounding this day as well. For example-it's NOT an Irish custom to eat corner beef and cabbage today. That was started in the United States with Irish immigrants who came to this country and couldn't get hired on anywhere-and that's all they could afford to eat on this special day. It's not done in Ireland.

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But tipping one back today sure is! That's why here in Texas--it's important that you know about a little-known law that's still on the books in some areas of the state that says "YOU CAN NOT TAKE MORE THAN THREE SIPS OF BEER OR SWALLOWS OF BEER AT ONE TIME WHILE STANDING". This is an actual law (although we don't think it's been enforced for the past 100 years or so)--but Beware! You're better off sitting down and enjoying your beverage and staying out of trouble!


Unless of course, you're watching March madness on TV at the pub--then by all means--BREAK THE LAW as much as you want to while rooting for your team!

Denis Raev

Just something to keep in mind while you're making your plans at work today to hit the town tonight with coworkers and friends to tie one on and celebrate the wearin' o' the green! Be safe out there and NEVER drink and drive!

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