At 16 years old, singer-songwriter Presley Tennant landed herself a slot as a finalist on Season 16 of The Voice. During her time on the show, Tennant would go on to score a seat on Team Kelly Clarkson, a dream come true for the young artist.

However, while on the outside she was soaring with success, internally she was at a crossroads…what did she want out of music and who was she as an artist?

“Right before The Voice I was like, 'Something is different,'" she shares with Taste of Country. “I could feel it. I was doing music and I was being led to being someone that I’m not.”

Growing up, her passion to sing was innate. Tennant would jump at any karaoke opportunity, and her mother, realizing her daughter’s interests, enrolled Tennant in vocal lessons.

From there the young singer would go on to refine her craft, joining a girl group that pushed her to become a better artist.

“I loved being at rehearsals eight hours a day, I loved doing shows and going to the studio,” Tennant shares. “I loved the fast pace, yet hard-working lifestyle.”

She knew she wanted to make music her career path. It was during Tennant’s time on The Voice that she found her confidence to stand firm in her convictions when it came to her music.

Tennant shares that her family have always been supportive, and when they saw their daughter grappling with how to make her personal mark as an artist, they had advice to share.

“They let me know like, hey, if this is something I don’t want to do or if I want to change something, I need to express it,” she shares. “Because it’s not going to be fixed if I don’t say anything.”

Tennant knew she wanted to pursue music, but wanted to do it from a place that felt like home. She went back to her hometown of Norco, Calif., to lay new roots where her old roots ran deep.

“I took one look in that direction and knew that’s exactly where I was supposed to be.”

Now 19 years old and momentum building behind her career, the singer’s new music is different from what she’s put out in the past.

Her newest single “Gamble on You” pushes the envelope, showing fans how she’s setting herself apart as an artist.

“I’d say my past music has been a bit edgy/dark, but a little bit of umph behind it,” the singer shares. “My new song is kinda like a jazzy country song.”

It’s a blend Tennant knows many might not expect, but it portrays the way she gets inspired beautifully.

“I take inspiration from everything around me — I’m grabbing different things that I love here and there and trying to make it into my own,” she expresses. “Still paying homage to them [her inspirations], but still my own person.”

The singer is confident that what is to come for her fans in 2022 will definitely have the “Presley Tennant” touch to it. The vocal powerhouse's success is something she isn’t numb to; rather, she's immensely grateful to the people around her and the journey she’s traveled to get to where she is today.

You can check out more about Tennant and her music on her official website.

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