Disney+ has censored two scenes featuring violence in The Falcon and the Winter Soldierin order to make the show less graphic. As noted by The Direct, the alterations take place in Episode 3 of the Marvel series, subtly removing the bloody consequences for two characters.

The first moment comes during the death of Hydra scientist Wilfred Nagel, who originally laid on the floor covered in blood. Now, Wilfred’s shirt and face is clean of blood, and his eyes are closed rather than open. His open, glazed over eyes confirmed his death, but now that they’re closed? He could simply be unconscious.

Next, there is a moment when Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) throws a pipe at a bounty hunter — piercing her arm and the steel door behind her. In the new edit, the pipe bounces off and goes flying behind her. This fan-made video from YouTube user Thomas Nute breaks down the old and new versions side-by-side:

While these changes are subtle, they do ultimately shift the dark tone that was set by these acts of violence. Most adults have become desensitized to these kinds of gory scenes in streaming television, but they could still be traumatizing for young children. Still, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has plenty of other violent moments, so why were these two edited in particular?

Recently, Disney+ also added a new parental control feature to balance the influx of mature content coming to the platform after the 20th Century Fox merger. R-rated and TV-MA titles — such as Daredevil and The Punisher — have officially landed on Disney+, but parents can make sure that their kids only have access to age-appropriate movies and shows.

The Biggest Issues With Marvel's Disney+ Shows

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