Let me start by saying that no one is as surprised as I am that Mexican Pizza would be so unbelievably popular here-especially given the fact we have so many outstanding Mexican restaurants here that supposedly according to locals Taco Bell is pretty low on the priority list when it comes to choosing that type of food. Enter now the boy from up north who moved here from Illinois 22 months ago who loves his Taco Bell Mexican Pizza-and has yet to be able to have one since their return because they are SOLD OUT every single time he goes to get one.


The first day I went was the 19th since the Midland locations don't participate in the Taco Bell App--you couldn't get them with the advanced promotion they did here with the app. So we had to wait till the official first day. And I should have known better that by the time I got there around dinner time on day 1 they were sold out. I understood, and figured I'd wait till the weekend. That didn't go any better-as the first stop on Midland drive at Taco Bell I was told they were "Sold Out Til Monday"--so I drove to the one on Midkiff across from Market Street and was told over the speaker "Sorry Sir-the Mexican Pizza has been relocated to the Odessa location on 42nd Street til Monday". I was like "HUH?! What does that mean?". But instead of heading over there, I called first (with gas prices what they are) and was told that they, too, in Odessa were SOLD OUT till Monday.


I'm completely baffled. First, by the fact that so many people are getting these (I never knew ANYONE who liked them before- I was always the only one in my circle to order them whenever we went to Taco Bell)... And second, by the fact that they are such a novelty right now with the news they are back that everyone in the Basin apparently has to try one, or Taco Bell stores here have such a small supply of the ingredients that it was poor planning on someone in Management's part... I don't know. What I DO know is--I'd better get one this week or I'll just stick to the good stuff at Abuelo's or Tikilaz from now on instead.....

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