Want to go to a real haunted house this fall in Wichita Falls?

Who doesn't love a good scare in the fall? Plenty of folks will be setting up haunted houses in Wichita Falls over the next couple of weeks, but are these places really haunted? Some of these places just put up a bunch of fake cob webs, smoke machines and someone in a mask to jump out and scare you.

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What if a haunted house in town was actually haunted by real ghosts? Well if you're brave enough, Base Camp Lindsey has bought out the old Lane Nursing Home. The property will eventually turn into a place for homeless veterans in our area. However, before the property gets fixed up. Base Camp Lindsey wants to do a fundraiser. Since the old nursing home has been abandoned for several years and it has legends of being haunted. Why not turn it into a haunted house for Halloween?

We need to prove that this place is actually haunted. The Darkseid Paranormal group out of Corpus Christi came to investigate a couple of days ago. Just over seventeen minutes into the video above, you can see something made one of these motion balls move. If you want to check out some of their videos, they shot about five Facebook lives over the weekend on their page.


If you're interested in exploring the place for yourself. You can do so on Fridays and Saturdays in October from 7PM to midnight. The cost is ten bucks per person and money raised from the haunted house will be going towards restoring the building. Stay up to date on the progress of the Haunted Hose on the Base Camp Lindsey Facebook page.

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