Don’t Wanna Cook Thursday? These Permian Basin Restaurants Are Open Thanksgiving
There comes a point in life, whether it's because the family can't make it, kids have gone out of state for college and can't make it home, or have moved away and won't be home for the holiday--that you no longer have to cook the big spread for Thanksgiving. Or maybe they're ALL coming and you just don't feel like spending all your time over the stove. Lucky for you (and for my wife and I)-there are a few places open this week that understand. And not only will they be serving Thanksgiving dinner with the main course and all the fixins on the side--they're also going to be serving their own usual menu too. So this way-if turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes aren't your thing-you have something to really be excited about because you can get what you love.
Stores That Will Open Thanksgiving Day
The list of stores that will be open this Thursday for Thanksgiving isn't very long. More and more stores will be closed this year. Here is the list of stores that will be open this Thursday.   ."}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":33554688,"11":4,"28":1}">  
For The 2nd Time In 40 Years I Won’t Be Home For Thanksgiving
For only the second time in my forty years of life, I won't be going home for Thanksgiving. Every year I have either gone home to Seminole or my family and I have gone somewhere but we have always been together. Last year was the first year I didn't spend Thanksgiving with my family...
Don’t Miss Ariel Hutchins Tonight At LoneStar Bar
Live music returns to LoneStar Bar in downtown Midland. West Texas Native Ariel Hutchins will be live on stage tonight at LoneStar bar. The opening act will go on at 8 pm tonight followed by Ariel at 10 pm.  Ariel is a West girl who grew up in Abilene. ...
World Toilet Day–At Townsquare Midland Odessa
So--morning shows, at some point during the show--will mention silly National holidays or significant days on the calendar, just as a nod to the sometimes silly things that get listed as actual days we recognize. Today is no exception--as it is "World Toilet Day". So named to commemorate the toilet and everything it does for us each and every day (in other words--people sat around trying to come up with a special day for November 19th, and while sitting in the restroom came up with this). There's one staggering statistic that gets thrown out with this day--and that is that 3.6 Billion people don't have a toilet. Let that sink in for a moment. No place to sit comfortably when duty calls--or is that 'doody' calls? No, seriously-THAT is a sad statistic to think about. So be grateful as you go thru your day and weekend this weekend that you don't have that problem...
Should The Speed Limit On The Loop 250 In Midland Be Raised?
The speed limit on Loop 338 in Odessa is 65. On State Highway 191 it's 75, whether you're in Odessa or Midland. Yet Loop 250 in Midland is the slowest at 60. We all know that no one goes the speed limit on Loop 250 (well, I shouldn't say "no one"--there are those occasional cars and trucks in the left passing lane going 60 or under and driving the rest of us crazy)... For the most part, we all do close to 70 unless we see the Po-Po on the side of the road with the radar out. I know the last time any speed limit changes were considered by the Midland City Council was back in 2019 for some roadways away from Loop 250. Perhaps it's time to bring this up and see what happens.

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