Midland Odessa Cold Weather Comfort Food
Whether it's a warm drink, something nice and warm in a bowl, or something sugary to make you feel better... When it's cold outside there's nothing better than your favorite comfort foods and drinks. Just a few that come to mind immediately when the thermometer dips below 45 in West Texas include:
Freeze Warning For Midland Odessa Overnight
With fall comes our usual temperatures that range between 30 overnight and 83 during the day. And tonight is one of those nights that will dip to the freezing mark. We are under a Freeze Warning from 3 am till 9 am Friday. So remember to bring your outdoor plants and flower pots inside, don't leave the pets outdoors (if YOU'RE cold outside--THEY'RE cold outside!), and leave outdoor plumbing at a drip so pipes don't burst. Indoor plumbing is safe for the moment as temps would have to be lower to affect it. Wind chills will also be a factor and are expected to fall into the mid 20's overnight. If you have an above-ground sprinkler system be sure to drain it and turn it off so the pipes don't freeze.
Haunted Places In Midland And Odessa
I know it's not Halloween but everyone likes a good ghost story every now and then. Here is a list of said to be haunted placed in Midland and Odessa. 1. Copper Rose Building- Odessa 2. Santa Fe Apartment-Midland According to Haunted Places:  Apartment 2F is considered haunted after some sort of extremely violent event in the early 2000s. The...
Jimbo’s Garage Opens Tomorrow In Odessa
Jimbo's Garage is set to open its doors tomorrow night at 7 pm.  Jimbo's formerly Dooley's, formerly Zucci's Restaurant located on JBS in Odessa. After a complete remodel and the removal of the kitchen to make the dance floor bigger, Jimbo's garage will be the only country bar in Odessa with an oak dance floor. You...
Why Do We Eat Turkey For Thanksgiving
Have you ever wondered why we eat turkey on Thanksgiving? Most people would say it's because it's tradition. Some would say because that's what the pilgrims did. Others might say because it's just what you are supposed to do and don't have a reason at all...

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