Yesterday if you were driving down 42nd street in Odessa you may have seen a young man standing on the corner holding an "I'm A Bully" sign. You could have also seen pictures or video floating around social media.

I didn't see it in person yesterday but came across the pic on social media, there were close to 400 comments on the photo some in support of it and some in critical judgment. Here are some of the comments both for and against this punishment.

Jennifer from Odessa: This is what we need more of from parents!! I agree 100% with your choice to do this!


Phillip: This is what we need more of from parents!! I agree 100% with your choice to do this!


Britany: good parenting. Better not catch our son bullying or he’ll be out on that damn curb too



Yea. I’m not a fan either!

Humiliating someone is bullying… Maybe he was a bully because he’s bullied at home 
Francine: Well obviously they are a bully cuz the parents treat them this way SMH this is absolutely horrible. I can’t believe everyone thinks this is ok. These parents need to learn to love and how to give a whooping not publicly humiliate their own children. That is the reason their kids act this way! Because they bully their children
Crystal: God bless you and your family awesome job mama we need more parents like you
Jeska: Bless this mom! And good job mom!


A kid acting out doesn’t always have to be the result of some kind of emotional turmoil or something they are going through. Sometimes kids just act like kids and forget that being a bully, no matter what you are going through, isn’t an option. If this momma is involved and committed to raising her son, enough to recognize that her son is acting out and being a “bully”, then I’m sure she would know if the situation required some form of discipline that she sees fit or if he needed counseling or whatever it is some people are saying is the right way to handle things.
I see a good mama!!! Stepping in when she needs to and showing HER kiddo how it feels to be the other person. Bet he will think twice before it happens again!
Cassie: Looks like bullies be bullied, shows who the kid got it from. kids can act out if they lack attention or love at home but idk ‍♀️ just feel like they could've gone another way about it and dug deeper into why he is being mean. For it to be all over media he will be talked about at school made fun of by many which leads to depression suicide. I think it should of been handled different. Prayers for this family and the kid he bullied may they all get past this .


According to the young man's family, their son had been involved in a bullying incident at school. His parents also related to the situation because they have been bullied before in life and were reminded of how horribly it made them feel. After they learned of the incident they set their children down and had a serious conversation with them. As to why they decided to take this course of action, they as parents felt it was best to give him a taste of his own medicine. This family didn't want their son to grow up thinking it was ok to make someone else feel a certain way.

After his punishment was over he got back in the car with tears in his eyes and said, "thank you, mom."  The following statement came from the family:

We need to do better for these kids they’re our future. This is why there’s so many kids taking weapons to school and hurting themselves, they’re angry at the world because we just keep letting things like this slide. If nobody is brave enough to stand up to bullies WE ARE.
I personally applaud this family. I think this is good parenting. They are holding their son accountable for the mistake that he made and are trying to get him to learn from it. How to handle certain situations differently. A lot of kids act the way they do these days because they don't have active caring parents in their lives, and I can't believe some people would come down on these parents for trying to raise a better human being. Hats off to these parents! I don't know about y'all but my momma didn't care at all if she embarrassed me, I was going to act right!



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