In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, women are reminded how important mammograms are. This year I had my first mammogram.

I was scared out of my mind, I had heard all of the horror stories of how awful it was to have one done. I was even in tears filling out the paper work at the clinic. I

I wanted to know why my doctor was already have me get a mammogram, I was only 38 at the time.  Then there was the fear factor of the entire experience.

I go in and the girl was so sweet and calming. Come to find out the experience wasn't that bad at all. With the use of 3D technology, there is no smashing or turning your breast into pancakes anymore. Don't let the legend of mammograms keep you from having one done. I walked out of there thinking to myself, "that's it?" That wasn't bad at all.

Having a mammogram could save your life.  Men also need to aware of breast cancer, it affects both men and women.


Breast cancer
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