The Midland County Fair will host Midland's largest Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday during the Downtown Midland Farmers Market, this Saturday, April 16th, at the Museum of the Southwest, partnered by Whataburger. It will begin at 10am.

“With over 6000 eggs in play we will be hiding eggs throughout the grassy surfaces at Museum of the Southwest”, said Executive Director Kasey Kelly  CBS7

Easter bunny watching the egg hunt
Arne Trautmann

Children of all ages are invited to come to hunt eggs. Hunts will be broken down into age range categories. So look for the area for your child's age. The eggs will be filled with prizes and candy ranging from small toys to great Whataburger prizes.

I can remember as a kid going to the city Easter Hunts in Seminole. I remember one year my mom took me and believe it or not at times I was a very shy kid, and my mom got so upset with me. She got upset with me because she took me and when it was time for my age to start hunting, I just stood there. I wouldn't race against the other kids. Today, I can't tell you why that happened because now I am competitive as all get out and I would be knocking people over to get the prize eggs.

I loved Easter morning, it was kind of like Christmas. I would get up in the mornings to find the Easter Bunny had come and hidden the eggs and left an Easter basket. Then I would get to put on my brand new dress for church. We always got a brand new dress for Christmas and Easter.

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