One of the biggest fears we have as travelers is losing our luggage. We have all spent, what feels like forever standing around a luggage carousel praying for our luggage to come through. Many people even tie a ribbon around the handle or put something special on their luggage that will make their luggage stand out from everyone else's, just in case someone else has the same bad as they do. But there are some things that you should and should not put on your luggage.

First of all a secure luggage tag is always better than the paper ones they give you at the airport.

Suitcases or luggage in an arrivals lounge

When you are filling out your luggage tag, you obviously want to put your name, phone, and email address, but you should never put your home address. If you are traveling to your destination and feel that you should put an address, put the address of the hotel you are staying at. If you are returning home, put your work address.  If you are traveling abroad, avoid putting any type of flag on your luggage or anything that could identify your nationality.

You can also get a BagID tag.  According to BagID: "Never stand in the check in queue again." Here are the benefits of BagID:

1. Check in your luggage on your phone. BagID reduces the risk of loosing your luggage by up to 21%*

2. Walk past the check-in lines and send it away – BagID keeps track. Relax at the airport and follow the position of your "bunad" or gear all the way to your destination.

3. Land at your destination and receive updates from our mobile app with the location of your belongings.

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