People in West Texas have huge hearts and are serious animal lovers. We love our pets with all our hearts and would do anything to keep them safe and healthy. So when little Fletcher was discovered by a good samaritan found him wandering the streets and brought him in-the amazing folks at Permian Basin Animal Advocates leaped into action. They got him to the vet immediately-where it took 2 hours to get him shaved down due to all the mats in his fur and the wounds on his legs that were also infested with maggots.


His infection and pain were so bad he spent the night at the Vet with pain meds and IV fluids to get his situation under control. The vet technicians also ran blood work which came back to show he hadn't eaten in almost a week and because of that was very emaciated.

After they trimmed him all up and dressed his wounds he got something to eat and drink, a warm blanket, and a safe place to close his eyes and rest.


Fletcher made it thru the night last night staying at the vet and today he goes to a foster home. He still has a road ahead of him. His leg has to undergo hydrotherapy (which the foster home will do with him daily), and he has to go back to the vet in 2 weeks for follow-up care on the maggots to be sure they're all gone and the infection is healing nicely. Then he can have his vaccines, get neutered, and be placed up for adoption to find his forever home.

If you can help with this sweet little baby's vet care and treatment in any way-it's greatly appreciated. Permian Basin Animal Advocates is a non-profit group helping these animals every day and they could use the help. Even if you're not in a position to adopt a new family member--donate in a loved one's name to a great cause and let's help little Fletcher live his best life! Click below to donate and THANK YOU!

TO DONATE: Please use the Facebook donate button on the Permian Basin Animal Advocates page or Cash/check donations can be taken to:
Town and Country Vet at 3408 W Loop 250 N Midland, TX 79707
Or mailed to: Permian Basin Animal Advocates 4706 N Midkiff Rd STE 22 PMB 155 Midland, TX 79705
To call in directly to Town and Country Vet: 432-520-4427 & reference PBAA
If we do happen to raise more than the goal, any donations over their goal amount will be applied to our monthly vet bill at Town and Country Vet

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