For most of us, the last thing we do before we get into bed at night is charge our phones. I know that is what I do. Because we all know it's a horrible feeling to wake up in the morning only to find out our phones didn't charge.

I have always heard that you should never run the battery in your phone all the way down and then charge it.  It's been said that you should charge your phone periodically for small amounts of time not one time for hours. Experts now say that is true. According to some tech experts from ZDnet, it's BAD for your battery to charge your phone all night. The reason experts say this is bad for your phone is because

Experts are saying if you want to extend the life of your phone's battery, here is what you should do.

Morning Charge:

You should start the day out charging your phone for 30-45 minutes.

Midday Charge:

Then charge it for another 30 minutes in the mid-afternoon to get it around 80%.

Evening Charge:

You may not need an evening charge but you can charge your phone to get it to 80%

Even though modern phones charge in a "smart" way, they're still keeping the battery warmer than room temperature through the night.  Which is bad for the battery over time.

We all know we need to avoid any harm we can cause our batteries because doesn't seem like every time a new phone comes out our batteries start to die even faster.

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