So I did a thing! I am always talking about trading in Black Betty, my black Tahoe,  for a new one. Well, I did!

As you know the 2021 Tahoe is out and has a new body style and a redesigned inside. What you don't know is that not only does it look different on the outside and inside, it's also a completely different ride. The new 2021 Tahoe has such a smoother ride. The first one I drove I fell in love with.  I was actually going to get a charcoal grey one that was coming in but when I saw this pearl white one, I knew it was the one.

I am so excited. I am so in love. I would also like to say a huge thank you to the guys at All American Chevy Midland for finding exactly what I wanted and helping me with the process. Not to mention the great deal! 

Minnie Pearl

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