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It’s hard to find the words to express just how devastating the shooting that occurred at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas on May 24th, 2022 was. My heart shatters every time I think about the incident and all I can do is ask: why?

Why do children have to live in fear of going to school each day? Why do teachers have to learn how to properly blockade classroom doors? Why do parents have to come to terms with the fact that they might send their children off to school one day only to never see their smiling faces ever again?

I know I’m not the only person asking these questions and hoping that our government does something to protect its citizens from gun violence.

Actor Matthew McConaughey spoke at the White House on Tuesday, sharing emotional stories about the victims of the Robb Elementary school shooting and delivering a personal plea to lawmakers to act on gun reform.

McConaughey, who was born in Uvalde, had the chance to speak with the friends and families of a few of the shooting's victims. He shared heartbreaking stories about a few of the students and one of the teachers who died, explaining hopes and dreams that will never be accomplished because of the shooter's horrific actions.

One of the things McConaughey said that stuck with me the most involves a conversation he had with a cosmetologist who is well versed in mortuary makeup.

"These bodies were very different. They needed much more than makeup to be presentable. They needed extensive restoration. Why? Due to the exceptionally large exit wounds of an AR-15 rifle. Most of the bodies so mutilated that only DNA tests or green Converse could identify them," he said.

After sharing the heartbreaking stories of those who were lost in the shooting, McConaughey made his position very clear on what he believes needs to be done in regards to gun reform. He touched on the fact that every gun owner he's spoken to about the issue agrees that something should be done. "Responsible gun owners are fed up with the second amendment being abused and hijacked by some deranged individuals," McConaughey said.

He continued by talking about how despite the differences between this country's parties, they have many more similarities than people realize.

"As divided as our country is, this gun responsibility issue is one that we agree on more than we don’t," he said, asking: "Can both sides rise above? Can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit that we have a life preservation problem on our hands?"

You can watch the entirety of Matthew McConaughey’s powerful speech below:

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