There's something overtly persuasive about the way Lee Brice sings "Rumor," an R&B-tinged love song from his self-titled album.

His presence looms large on a song that relies on the gentle delivery of nimble country lyrics. At times Brice can be a hulking vocalist, but the extra enthusiasm plays well into the nervous anticipation of "Rumor." Of course he's a little emphatic — any guy comfortable having this conversation has probably had it a few too many times to be taken sincerely.

Brice is all of us throughout a love song that by the end will have you planning to corner your lover in the kitchen later tonight. Brice, Kyle Jacobs and Ashley Gorley do well to describe the tension in the room, but it's the married singer's authentic approach that makes the song both personal and universal.

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Lee Brice's "Rumor" Lyrics:

Girl you know I've known you forever / How many nights we hung out together / Same little crowd, little bar, little town / 'Round this old dance floor / My boys are laughing and tap me on the shoulder / Making a motion like, ‘Could y'all get any closer’ / They wanna know what's up why I'm still holding ya / Even when the song is over.

There's a rumor going 'round about me and you / Stirring up our little town the last week or two / So tell me why we even trying to deny this feeling / I feel it, don't you feel it too / There's a rumor going 'round, and 'round, and 'round / Whatcha say we make it true / We make it true.

Well I can shut 'em down, tell 'em all they're crazy / I can do whatever you want me to do, baby / Or you could lay one on me right now / We could really give them something to talk about.

Oh, be honest girl now do you want to do this or not / Should we keep them talking, girl or should we just make 'em stop.

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