Are you tired of your neighborhood looking trashy? Are there overgrown yards or lots on your street? Does the road on your street need to be repaired? If you are tired of dealing with these issues with no help from the city government come out tonight to the Garage Gab Town Hall Meeting to make your voice count. Your opinion matters!

Tonight's meeting is all about you and the community you live in. Do you know who to call when you have an issue? Do you know who to get in touch with the right people? Councilman Dan Corrales will be hosting the event to address your concerns and issues you may be having.

Garage Gab will happen tonight at Bam Bizhub at 3107 N. Big Spring St., Midland, from 6 pm-8 pm. This event is FREE and open to the public. Food will be provided by Jumburrito. You can enjoy:

Stew Meat Wishes

Queso Dreams

Rice and Beans

Burrito Favorites

Beverages will be provided by Eccentric Brewing Co. :

Midland Lager

Some of the issues to be discussed:

  • Have a problem with trash?
  • Dealing with speeders on your street?
  • Do you have debris or large objects that need to be removed

Councilman Dan Corrales will answer all of your questions tonight and if he can't answer them tonight, he will either get you the answer or get you to the right person that can help you.

Let your voice be heard. Your opinion matters. Don't have to deal with these issues on your own. Come out and join us tonight at Bam Bizz Hub for the Garage Gab Town Hall Meeting. The event is FREE!


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