We all know that marijuana is illegal in the state of Texas, we also know that people break the law all the time. But there is one Texas restaurant that is not going to deal with customers that show up looking for some munchies smelling like weed. The business knows that this rule could end up costing them money, but they aren’t budging, in fact this rule has actually been in place for five years now. 

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Why Are People Talking About This Rule Now? 

If the rule has been in place for the past five years why is it getting so much attention now? Well, it’s because the restaurant E Bar Tex-Mex recently went to social media to remind their customers of their rule and there were numerous people that were not happy about their rule. The smokers are just wanting to get their queso and enchiladas while feeling elevated, but if they smell like marijuana, they will have to go somewhere else.  

Where Is E Bar Tex-Mex? 

The non-marijuana friendly restaurant is located on Haskell Avenue in Dallas, Texas. And their owner Ernie Quinlantan says there is a simple reason as to why the rule is in place.  

"People reeking of marijuana, it just ruins everybody's experience around them, you can't possibly have a great meal with someone who has that much odor."

While everyone knows that marijuana is becoming more common, even in a state where it is illegal, remember each business has the right to not allow the smell of an illegal substance in their establishment. Be respectful of others, air yourself out before you bring the smell of marijuana into any Texas business. 

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