As I've gotten older I've come to realize just how scary our oceans are, they're so deep. Thanks for all the nightmare fuel, National Discovery. In this video, shared on the Dallas, TX TV TikTok, it appears that these boys inadvertently caught the line to Shark Week auditions.

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The video was originally uploaded by King Daddy Rabbit and shared by Dallas TV Tiktok. Going viral, it's already been viewed over 6.7 million times and has collected over 500,000 comments as of August 14th.

How much do sharks get paid for Shark Week?

From keyboard comedians to inquisitive commenters, it appears the waters may be too hot for them or they have a shark convention to be at. Whichever the case may be, I'm just glad to be sitting behind this screen.

SanjDz Isn't Jason Momoa hosting a shark week or I would be swimming too.

Kimberly RyanThe water is heating up. They are going to cooler waters I bet.

SnatchBuckler: CANNONBALL.....!!!

Heather: Me being afraid I will accidentally fall in through tik tok.

Daisy Bellis: not me thinking I could jump in and they would accept me as one of their own

While this does seem like an abnormally large swarm of sharks, they may just be feeding. According to AZanimals, "Swarming to feed is normal behavior for these sharks. They are fast and energetic as they weave through the water to feed. The most common time to see swarming to feed is during the summer."

If anyone reading this can offer more explanation, I'd love to hear it. Ok, here's the video you've been waiting to watch:


@king_daddy_rabbit #oilfield #sharks #sharkweek #fyp #beach ♬ original sound - King Daddy Rabbit

Oh my.

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