I thought I signed up to work at radio ranch not a snake farm.  What the heck is going on? You know a few weeks ago I nearly became a snake snack for a rattle snake and yesterday we had another encounter.

Luckily it wasn't me! My boss was outside on the phone because our building has horrible service. She comes running in saying she was just chased by a 10 ft snake. Now me being me was like ok, 10ft?

We went outside to find it and found it's hole it was living in, so our maintenance man decided to flood it out of his whole with the water hose. As soon as the snake popped it's head out, he chopped it off.

After this monster was dead, we did figure out he was a very large king snake. I know they are harmless but when you aren't sure what kind of snake it is, you kill it.

I am so tired of being on snake watch, I didn't sign up to work at a snake farm. 

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