Hey--its Gunner from the Gwen and Gunner Morning Show here on Lonestar 92.3--and whenever we are out, or while we're on the air from time to time--we'll have someone approach us or call in and tell us a Dad Joke of their own and we all laugh (or roll our eyes) together... I've been driving Gwen nuts with these every weekday morning now for months so I thought I'd share some of the ones I consider to be the best--in case you missed them and want to use them yourself to get a laugh when you're with your friends or family. Again--these are not proprietary so share and steal all you like! And be sure to listen every weekday morning to Lonestar 92.3 to hear the latest one!

If You See A Robbery At An Apple Store--Does That Make You An iWitness?

Jorge Salgado
Jorge Salgado

How Does Cereal Py It's Bills? With Chex.

Party Mix Background

Did You Know French Fries Weren't Cooked First In France? They Were Cooked In Greece.

French fries.

Do You Know Which Days Are The Strongest? Saturdays and Sundays. The Rest Are Weekdays.

Events calendar

Do You Know Where Pirates get Their Hooks? At Second-hand Stores.

Pirate with treasure in briefcase

What Do You Call A Hay Bundle In Church? Christian Bale.

24th RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony
Getty Images for Red Nation Film

I Have A Hard Time Trusting Stairs... They're Always Up To Something.

Antonis Liokouras

What Do You Call A Wizard Who's Terrible At Football? Fumbledore.

A Tour Of The Set Of Harry Potter
Getty Images

Do You Know What The Astronaut's Favorite Part Of A Computer Is? The Space Bar.

Rocking Astronaut, 3d render

What Is A Ghost's Favorite Fruit? Boo-Berries.


What Happens When Frogs Illegally Park? The Get Toad.

Meditating Toad

Feel free to add yours in the comments section below!

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