“Row Tonight On A Wave Of Light” “Discover a different world full of amazing creatures as we tour the Texas Gulf Coast by glowing lights in completely transparent kayaks!”

This could be considered a bucket list adventure. A company off the gulf coast of Texas is now offering glow-in-the-dark kayak tours. Glow Row is offering two locations in four different Texas cities, Port O’Conner, Port Aransas, Rockport, and North Padre Island.

These LED lighted tours will give an experience of the water like never before:

If you are looking for a unique experience that ticks all the boxes on your adventure bucket list, come explore the incredible Texas Gulf Coast by night in clear, glowing kayaks! Your GlowRowTM tour will guide you along one of several locations in clear kayaks lit up by special underwater LED lights that provide a lens in which you can observe the unique underwater world beneath you.Each LED system has 7 different colors and settings to choose from, allowing you to choose your own vibe.Your tour guide will point out unique landmarks and wildlife as you paddle under the stars, as well as share any unique or interesting history and facts about the area.GlowRow is dedicated to introducing natives and tourists alike to the wonders of the Texas Gulf Coast by the light of the moon and stars. We even know a few constellations, like the three stars right in a line. That’s Orion’s belt, we know that thanks to “Men in Black”.Join one of our experienced guides for a tour of one of our many locations and get a new perspective on our coastal waterways. This adventure is perfect for nature enthusiasts, water lovers, kayak lovers, and anyone that could use something different to spice up their life! You’ll see an abundance of wildlife and learn things you never knew about each location as you paddle within feet of flounder, stingrays, and maybe even dolphins. There is never a dull moment on a GlowRow tour, and our goal is to leave you with a magical experience that will keep you coming back to try our other kayak trails! Glow Row 

If you don’t want to travel all the way to the coast, you can also take a glow tour on the San Marcos River in San Marcos, or Austin, with Paddle SMTX.

Paddle SMTX via Youtube
Paddle SMTX via Youtube

One of the coolest experiences in Central Texas! The Crystal Kayak Glow Tour takes you down the beautiful San Marcos river at night using translucent kayaks equipped with special underwater LED lights. The crystal kayaks are like a magnifying glass into the amazing aquatic underworld beneath you and are lit up by the LED lights, which have 7 different colors and settings to choose from. 

The trip begins with a paddle instruction by one of our experienced guides. You are then guided up river to discover the fascinating San Marcos River. The last 20 minutes of the trip you are free to paddle around on your own.

You get gorgeous views of the river, wildlife and the fascinating wild rice grass followed by a surreal paddle experience under the stars. 



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