And NO--we don't mean the rock band. Although, coming home and finding one of these guys cruising around your kitchen living room or bedroom can sure ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE. And I know that saying these critters are here is hardly news to anyone who's lived here longer than a few years (although with oil going back up there are newbies here who may not have encountered one of our little brown friends yet--so here's a heads-up!). The other day,  I came home at lunch and found this little guy (below) crawling UP the wall in our spare bedroom. So I took a glass out of the kitchen cabinet, caught him, took him outside and across the street, and dumped him. Not a fan of killing the Lord's creatures--I just don't want them IN MY HOUSE. We're in the Adobe Meadows subdivision off Big Spring St and Mockinbird in Midland.....


We had Pest Control come out and do an additional spraying of the bedroom he was found in, along with doorways and the garage too. Hopefully, that will do the trick. They say it's possible that it could be because of the new construction and groundbreaking for more houses on the other side of the Lonestar subdivision on Big Spring St. We were told it's likely driving these guys from their homes out there and in our general direction. I've been fortunate to have never been stung by one of these and I read conflicting reports that their venom is or isn't poisonous to humans. What I do know for sure and have been told by Basin natives--is that their sting hurts like crazy. Hopefully, once the dust settled down the street things will calm back down. Til then I have Pest Control on speed dial. Sleep tight-don't let the bed bugs bite!

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