We got to celebrate our dads over the weekend. For some, it was a day to play golf. For others, it was a day to be with family. For one Round Rock church, it was a day to sneak in a hilarious prank.

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It isn't a viral trend but it is a trend that will get plenty of laughs when the prank is pulled off correctly. The prank in question is getting a group of men together and unknowingly have all of them wear the same shirt (same color, or type, or exact same shirt). Personally, I've never fallen victim to this but I'm sure its only a matter of time. I'm such a casual dresser as it is that I would probably become suspicious pretty quick if my girlfriend insisted on me wearing a certain shirt she just bought me.

For The Fellowship Church in Round Rock, the women's ministry took it upon themselves to not only honor their husbands and fathers for the day, but to also pull off a very funny and light hearted prank. The group got their husbands to wear the same shirt to the Father's Day service on Sunday morning.

As you can see in the video, the dads had a get time with it. Some got the prank right off the bat. Others seemed a little confused at first. Of course "nice shirt" was the prominent comment of the morning.

On a personal note, I took the short trip to Lindale to see my dad on Sunday. I am so thankful to still have him in my life. Its a treasure that I don't take advantage of nearly enough. Same goes for my mom. I'm almost 45 years old and being able to spend time with my mom and dad is one of my greatest joys in life and I need to do it more often.

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