So, you want come to Texas, eh? Then you can't be disrespectin' on us...

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Let's face it, EVERYONE wants to come to Texas. Even U-Haul stated that the most common destination for their rentals was Texas. Plus, it's not just the pioneers who want to move here permanently, we also get more than our fair share of tourists who want to enjoy our white sandy beaches and wide open spaces. But enough about Lubbock...


With this influx of freedom-loving humanity, sometime the newbies need a bit of an education in what sets us apart, and also what sets us off. With that, a popular  YouTube channel has created a list of things, phrases, and behaviors that upset us here in the Republic of Texas.

Mark Wolters, of Wolters World has created videos to assist tourists and newbies in navigating the culture of many different destinations, and now, he's turned his attention to Texas. And, for the most part, he's pretty dead on with all of this.

For example:

If you drive the speed limit in the far left lane, you're probably getting a blast of buckshot in your taillights. We drive fast, and you need to keep up or get out of the way.

Also, We love our Whataburger, Buc-ee's (even though they've forsaken Lubbock), and hate it when people think we are a "Southern state". This isn't the South, or the West. It's ALL Texas.

Plus, you gotta use your manners. We say "Sir", and "Ma'am" and insist that you have  a blessed day. So, you better damn well have one.  We're also not too fond of Californian's who move here and try to bring those West Coast attitudes. That's what Austin is for. We just let them have the capital there so that they think they are part of Texas, but they're not.

We also love our breakfast tacos (no scones), and our pulled pork and Dr. Pepper. Respect that. If not...keep on driving until you hit Louisiana. Or, if you're heading west: New Mexico. You can at least score some edibles over in Clovis, because we don't play here.  We get high on being Texans. In fact, the faster we build that wall between Texas and New Mexico, the better.

Now that you know the rules, and so do I, here in Texas, we've never gonna give you up, or let you down.


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