March is the transitional month. We feel the last remnants of whatever winter has in store for us. We turn the clocks ahead and "Spring Forward" next weekend the 13th at 2 am as we get back to Daylight Savings Time. Yes, you lose an hour of sleep but we gain our sun back. If they ever do hold true to the threat of taking this to Congress and abolishing the time changes across the country-I hope they choose Daylight Savings Time for where we stay. I love longer summer days with daylight. I have ever since I was a kid. The days where you're enjoying yourself so much that you look up and all of a sudden it's almost 9 pm.

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Then comes the first day of Spring where we can turn the seasonal calendar's page from the cold, ice, and possible snow to thoughts of warmer days and sunshine and getting back out of the house. That happens this year on March 20th. And if you look at the weather predictions for March-it currently shows the last day we'll have overnight lows in the 30s of any kind is the 12th-then we don't go back below 40 again. If that holds true then we can start watering lawns and plants and flowers again after next weekend. I have rose bushes that were planted late in the year last year (in October) that I'm looking forward to waking back up, in addition to the little tree we planted in the tree ring out front. There's also the grass we had put in in the back yard too which is currently brown with the rest of everyone's lawns in my neighborhood. Looking forward to seeing some green again!

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