Throughout the summer of 2018, Cole Swindell has shared several of the new songs off of his upcoming third studio album, All of It, which is due out on Aug. 17. However, a track he hasn't shared is "Dad's Old Number," one of the album's most personal tunes.

While Swindell didn't write "Dad's Old Number," the country singer says it's a close second to his favorite song that he's ever recorded, the equally sentimental "You Should Be Here." Both tracks take on the difficult and personal topic of Swindell's experience losing his dad.

While the song is deeply personal to the singer, Swindell admits he's glad he didn't write "Dad's Old Number." Read on to learn why.

"Dad's Old Number" was a story that Chase McGill and Jesse Alexander wrote on my bus. They were out writing with me that weekend, and the night before, Chase had told me that he had this title, "Dad's Old Number." I automatically go to football, but he was like, "No, it's about having the number you can't call anymore." I was immediately floored; I was like, "I love that."

The next day comes, and we get up and do whatever, and I had to take a nap in the afternoon. He texted me a couple of times, saying "Hey, we're rolling. Do you wanna come write with us?" I never responded because I was sleeping. I woke up, and he was like, "Man, I'm sorry, it just all kind of fell out." I remember being like, "Are you kidding me? I didn't get to write that?" Then he played it for me, and I just knew I wasn't supposed to be a part of that song.

As an artist, sometimes you overthink things. I know I could have messed that song up somehow. That's how they make a living, and that song is special to them. I know they had me in mind.

Man, these kinds of songs are the ones that are gonna stick with people forever. These are the types of songs -- and I've said this as well about "You Should Be Here" -- these kinds of songs are why I love country music. No other genre can make me feel like I feel right now just talking about it.

I can't wait for people to hear it, and even the people that can't relate -- I hope people can't relate -- but if it scares you enough that you want to call your mom or your dad or whoever you've got left, you better call them, because you're gonna want to someday. [If the song scares you enough to make you want to do that], then I've done my job.

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