Nothing like the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in your town to bring in some investors.

I think Chickasha, Oklahoma is slowly turning into my favorite town. One they have brewery, two they have a drive in movie theater, and they love 'A Christmas Story'. In my family, it was a MUST to watch 'A Christmas Story' every December. Well it looks like a lot of people also love this Christmas classic and are flocking to Chickasha to see their 50 foot leg lamp.

Arguably, the most famous thing to come out of this movie is the leg lamp. Chickasha has placed the leg lamp at 101 W Chickasha Avenue. People are flocking from all over the country to come check out this major award. Well it looks like a California man has fallen in love with Chickasha and the amount of people they bring into town during the Christmas season.


On Monday, Chet Hitt proposed a 5.5 MILLION dollar investment into the city. He says he would like to build a distillery, event space and retail store in downtown Chickasha. People from all over the country are hearing about the leg lamp and want to check it out. One woman from South Carolina told KOKH, if it wasn't for the leg lamp, she would not have stopped in Chickasha on her way to California.


I'm happy to see that the leg lamp is attracting folks from all over the country. If you haven't been to Chickasha, I highly recommend it. Go check out their brewery, the leg lamp, and a movie at their drive in one weekend. It will be a fun day, I promise.

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