A HUGE new sculpture constructed at Cliffside Event Center in Amarillo, Texas is causing quite a ruckus online. It's a 20-foot-tall black revolver, fashioned out of spare reconditioned tanks. Creator Darrel Podzemny referred to the big revolver as a "new landmark for Amarillo" in a public Facebook post he shared on the evening of April 19, 2023.

Podzemny told me that he had a friend that sold tanks and that in the past, he used them to build tornado shelters. He sold his shelter company last year and decided to use his extra time and tanks to build what he calls "The Big Gun". He said it took a month to construct.

He shared a photo gallery of the materials he used to show you the before and after. It looks like a lot of hard work went into building this sculpture, and if I know anything about Texas, I know that most people with certainly appreciate it.

Check out his journey in constructing the revolver in the photos below:

What Do You Think Of This Gigantic New Sculpture In Texas?

Some love it. Others aren't sure what to think...

You can find his original public Facebook post below:

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