Ok, it's time for all of us to admit one thing: Yes we have all sped in our lives. Whether it be five miles per hour or ten miles per hour, we've all done it. There's always a rush that someone is in.

But while sometimes going over the speed limit a little bit is ok, some freely speed way over the limit. So much so that it becomes unsafe for other Texans on the roadway. No one likes seeing an accident happen or the aftermath of it.

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So you're probably wondering, who sped way over the limit and were pulled over for it? Well, you're in luck, as the data exists.

Too Fast, Too Furious In Texas

The Drive put together 50 drivers in the Lone Star State that were caught going a little too fast. Yes, some of these miles per hour you won't believe actually happened but they did. We'll focus on the top ten, with all data brought to us by The Drive.

They Went How Fast? Here Are Ten Fastest 2022 Speeding Tickets In Texas!

Yes, we all speed, but going this fast is rather dangerous...

Remember to drive safe in Texas, other Texans will thank you for it!

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