Customs and Border Protection officials had a very busy Easter week at the El Paso ports of entry!

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I feel like if everyone had read Megan's article, they would have known about the "egg rule" at the Border. Customs says you can't bring more than 12 decorated eggs across the border. Leading up to the Easter holiday, Customs and Border Protection published a news release to remind everyone about this rule.

Well, these people definitely went over the 12 eggs rule.

It's been reported that in the week leading up to Easter, nearly 600 pounds of cascarones were confiscated!

Translated, the text reads:

El Paso Texas CBP agents seized nearly 600 pounds of Easter eggs at 878 events over the past week. Four people were fined for denying that they were in their vehicles, they were fined $1,075 dollars.

Nearly 600 pounds of cascarones?! That's a lot! Can you just imagine how many people's Easter's were ruined because someone's tía or tío got the cascarones confiscated at the Border?!

Some of those cascarones even look fancy; they never looked this good back when I was little.

Valeria Yanez via Facebook Market
Valeria Yanez via Facebook Market

I think I would be more upset if I were the one who made the cascarones.

Have you ever made cascarones? They're a labor of love- and it does take quite a long time to make them when you conisder all the work. You have to carefully hollow out the egg, dye it, fill it with confetti, and then make it look pretty. Mine never looked fancy, and if I broke an egg in the process it was game over, man!

Better Homes & Gardens via Youtube
Better Homes & Gardens via Youtube

Now you know, for next year- keep it to 12 cascarones.

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