Texas allows most residents to protect themselves in a number of ways, including with the use of pepper spray(s).

There are many lethal and non - lethal ways to defend yourself and the state of Texas is pretty open minded when it comes to which of them you opt to use.

Pepper Spray is one of the most popular items carried by Texans, particularly women.

They're small, lightweight and don't require a significant amount of training or practice to use. Pretty much a "point and click" operation but you do have to have a good reason to use it.

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Just because someone parked too close to you or "looked at you funny" is not a reason to "spritz" 'em. In addition to having a good reason to use it, you must be at least 18 to have pepper spray in the first place.

What else can you protect yourself with in Texas?

There are other legal means of self defense that Texas approves of. These include key rings meant to be used for "stabbing" purposes, clubs and more.

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