Buzz Question - So now that I've marred her son, my mother-in -law has INFORMED me that she has come up with a nick name for me because unfortunately me and my Mother In Law have the same name. She doesn't want us to have the same name so she is shortened mine with a nick name example Patricia to Patty, Melissa to Missy. Um, I don't want my name shortened and why is this a problem. I told her I've never had a nickname and she told me well not to have any confusion in the family we will call you this nickname. WOW, I told my husband and he said just go with it , they are going to call you this anyway. Wow, what family did I marry into?


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I wouldn't answer to that name. Petty, yes.‍♀️ But don't tell me what I'm going to do rather than ask if it's ok.

This is hilarious but I’m with Enedine ☝☝

Omg! How awful?! Leave this man immediately! His family gave you a nickname! Or you could just grow up

my mother in law and I have the same name and no issues all these years. Give yourself a nickname instead if you dont like what she gave you

I have a feeling they have other nick names for you when you aren't around.

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