When I was a kid we thought it was a big deal if we got to stay in a hotel, especially a nice one. Now these days it' 's just a right of passage. But now people are leaning more towards Airbnb's and Vrbo's instead of staying in hotels. If you have a large group or are staying longer than a night or two, it's so much more cost-effective and comfortable. Every city big or small has Airbnb's.

The discussion to ban Airbnb's in some of the bigger cities has been an issue discussed for the last several years. The city of Dallas voted earlier this year that they would ban STRs (short-term rentals)

After years of discussion on the issue, the council voted to ban short term rentals like Airbnb and Vrbo in single-family areas. However, they are still allowed in multi-family neighborhoods and commercial areas.  CBS News


What does this mean?

This means Airbnb's are not being allowed in neighborhoods, but can still exist in multi-family neighborhoods, like apartment complexes or commercial areas.

How can you operate an Airbnb in one of these areas?

The council also implemented a registration requirement and will implement fees like a hotel tax on STRs. The new rules also require that properties have off-street parking, and must adhere to the city's noise limits. CBS News

There is the reason right there! The city doesn't get to collect hotel tax if you aren't staying in hotels. Don't think the city government is going to not get their piece of the pie.

The City of Dallas wasn't the only one against Airbnb's. Many people don't like them in their neighborhoods. Some say they are causing noise problems and bringing in crime.

Austin and Houston could be the next cities to ban STRs as well as Arlington, Fort Worth, Grapevine, and Plano.

I see both sides of the controversy! I get that it is a way for some people to make extra money and I also see how it could affect things if cities started making less on hotel taxes and how crime could go up.

What do think? Should Airbnb's be banned?

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