Yesterday, Apple announced a new feature that could save your life. According to CNN, Apple will now have a feature that will tell 911 exactly where you are.

Most people believe that 911 can get there location from their cell phones but that is not true. At this time 911 can locate an area where you are located. They can only pinpoint your location from a landline.

Since 80% of 911 calls are make from cell phones this will be a huge help in getting you help. Sometimes callers either can't talk or don't know where they are. Now dispatchers will be able to know exactly where you are.

You say why is this big news? Because the 911 system hasn't had an upgrade in about 50 years and now Apple will assist with this. If you don't want this feature, you will be able to turn it off.

This will only be available for IPhone users. The feature will be available later this year.

Tim Cook holding iPhone 6
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


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