People are expressing their freedom of speech by promising to destroy to their Yeti products.

Yesterday news broke that the popular cooler maker Yeti would no longer support the NRA, but Yeti says that is not true. I call B.S. I think they thought they would try to make a bold move, it back fired in their face. Remember when Cracker Barrel tried to cut ties with Duck Dynasty? Boy, how did both Cracker Barrel and Yet back track quickly.

Why on earth would you slap your man customer base in the face?

I think Yeti tried to join in on the band wagon of boycotting the NRA for attention but quickly those gun toters are their core customer base.

Reportedly Yeti sent an email stating that they would no longer offer discount offers to several organizations, such as the NRA, but they would offer a new plan. But,  News4Jax reported that it obtained the NRA email that claimed that the company refused to say why it “will no longer sell products” to the foundation.

It was so funny, I saw the news yesterday on my way home last and told my friend you watch and see, Yeti will retract the statement, because gun owners are the target audience. And, 30 minutes later, oh look Yeti comes out and says it's not true.

As soon as their product started being slammed and destroyed on social media, Yeti quickly changed their stance. I think Yeti tried to follow the snowflake crowd and it blew up in their face.

What do you guys think? Did Yeti shoot themselves in the foot by leaving the NRA?

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