Yellowstone has become a huge success for writer/creator Taylor Sheridan and the cast. The first spinoff of the hit series premiers this weekend, 1883, starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Lloyd, and guest star Billy Bob Thorton. We now know that there will be a second spinoff for Yellowstone. The new series will be called Yellowstone 6666 and it will star current characters Jimmy and possibly Teeter, according to the video below. According to Parade, it could be Walker who joins Jimmy.

Fans of the show know that Jimmy was recently sent to work on the 6666's Ranch in Texas. We also know that Taylor Sheridan recently bought the 6666's Ranch. The series will be a fictional setting on the workings of the ranch and Jimmy will be the leading character and it is speculated that Tetter will join him to train to become a better cowboy herself.

According to the video below. it says we could see a premiere in December but since it's the middle of December, we can assume that this is not correct. According to Country Living the 6666's spinoff is schedule to premiere March 4th.

As of now you will only be able to watch Yellowstone 6666's on Parmamont+.


6666's Ranch

6666's Ranch

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