Every morning at 8:10am, Gunner and I face-off on a new topic, and we're always on opposite sides. The question is--who's side are YOU on? Could be about anything--so far it's been about things like Favorite Chips and whether or not they belong on a sandwich, Whether or not Pets belong in Bed with you at night, and so much more! Sound off in the comments section below and tell us YOUR opinion, and who you think presented their side of the argument the best.

Today's Great Debate: Call vs Text

Are you a person that would rather texting to commute or would you rather call. I am call person. I don't mind texting but I would just rather pick up the phone and call you and get it over with instead of going back and forth. Gunner is a text person and could tell this as soon as he got here.

I don't mind texting back and worth during the day or maybe here and there but the one thing that drives me crazy is having a long text conversation at night when I am laying in bed. It drives me nuts for the phone to go off every 2 minutes.

Texting really bothers me if I am trying to get to know someone. If I meet someone knew and we start talking, talking being the key word, I'm going to need more than just text. Now, when I say that I might saying he needs to call all day everyday but at least sometime. I don't mind texting during the day because everyone is busy but at night there is no reason to back and forth via text when you can pick up the phone and talk to me and actually try to get to know me. I feel like if people are really going to get to know each other they need to talk not just text

Jeff Metzger

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