So--morning shows, at some point during the show--will mention silly "National Holidays", or "significant days" on the calendar, just as a nod to the sometimes silly things that get listed as actual days we recognize. Today is no exception--as it is "World Toilet Day". So named to commemorate the toilet and everything it does for us each and every day (in other words--people sat around trying to come up with a special day for November 19th, and while sitting in the restroom came up with this). There's one staggering statistic that gets thrown out with this day--and that is that 3.6 Billion people don't have a toilet. Let that sink in for a moment. No place to sit comfortably when duty calls--or is that 'doody' calls? No, seriously-THAT is a sad statistic to think about. So be grateful as you go thru your day and weekend this weekend that you don't have that problem...

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One of the things I've discovered here at the radio stations is--we have staff here who doesn't like to use the restroom if someone is already in there using one of the stalls. You hear them open the door, step in, then turn around and walk back out. Could be a courtesy thing--could be a privacy thing--but it IS a thing. I can totally understand if you're anticipating a noisy go--that you'd want the room all to yourself. But I can also imagine it'd be hard to hold it in for a super long time waiting in some instances for the room to be completely clear and all yours... Reminds me almost of the movie American Pie with the character who had to go home whenever he had to use the bathroom... Anyway--as they say in those Charmin radio ads--ENJOY THE GO here on World Toilet Day!

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