Cocoa Bombs are a must during the holidays. You can of course purchase them but why not make it a fun thing to do with the family?  I am going to give you the recipe and show you how to make your own. This recipe is courtesy of Sugar Geek Show. 

Here are the things you will need to make your own cocoa bombs:

1. 24 oz Good quality chocolate in the bar form.

2. Food Thermometer

3. Silicone mold or acrylic mold (silicone is going to be the easiest to use)

4. Parchment paper (only if you are using the acrylic mold)

5. 1/4" Paint Brush ( only for silicone mold)

6. Piping Bag for sealing your cocoa bombs

7. Your favorite hot cocoa mix

8.  Mini Marshmallows

9. Sprinkles or anything you want to decorate the outside with

Step 1 – Chop 24 ounces of good quality semi-sweet chocolate as finely as you can with a knife. This is kind of tedious but I promise it’s worth it! You don’t want ANY big chunks.


Step 2 – Place the chocolate in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds. NO MORE. Then stir with a spatula, moving the chocolate from the outside edges, to the center to evenly heat it

Step 3 – Place the chocolate back into the microwave and heat for 15 seconds and stir like we did in the first step. Take the temp of your chocolate to make sure it’s not above 90ºF

Step 4 – Repeat this process 2-5 more times until the chocolate is almost melted. Never heat more than 15 seconds and do not let your chocolate get above 90ºF. Once almost melted, just continue stirring until the chocolate is fully melted from the residual heat from the bowl.

Step 5 – Pour some chocolate onto some parchment paper and pop it into the fridge for 5 minutes. Take it out and observe it. Does it look shiny? Does it snap in half loudly when you break it? Then it’s tempered and ready to go in your molds.

Let's say you are using a silicone mold, since it is easiest:

Step 1 – Clean your mold. Use some paper towel to thoroughly polish the insides of your molds so that they are nice and shiny. Any amount of residue will cause a blemish on your chocolate. This is true for silicone molds and acrylic molds.


Step 2 – Paint a thin layer of chocolate using a paintbrush on the inside of the mold. Place into the fridge for 5 minutes to set.

Step 3 – Apply a second coat of chocolate, paying special attention to the edges to build them up a bit so the molds have a strong edge. Place the chocolate mold into the fridge to set up for five minutes. After 5 minutes your chocolate will easily release from the mold and are ready to be assembled!

Now it is time to put them together:

Step 1 – Set your first half into a small bowl or use the back of your silicone mold to hold it. Fill the chocolate about 3/4 of the way with your favorite hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.

Step 2 – Pipe some melted chocolate onto the top of the sphere.

Step 3 – Place the second half of the chocolate sphere on top and press gently together to seal.

Pro-tip – Use gloves to avoid getting too many fingerprints on your hot chocolate bombs. 

Step 4 – Use a gloved finger to clean off the excess chocolate to make a seamless look or simply roll the bomb in spriles to finish the look.


I tested these hot chocolate bombs out in various amounts of milk and found that 14 ounces was about perfect. I heat my milk until it’s steaming (not boiling). Place the hot chocolate bomb in the bottom of the mug and pour the hot milk on top. The hot cream opens up the bomb and all the marshmallows escape! So fun!

I did give you this recipe step by step from Sugar Geek Show, so your bombs had the best chance of coming out perfect.

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